Thermographic Imaging

Thermal Imaging Gold Coast

Thermal Imaging

Energy Saving

Identifying missing insulation and air infiltration can dramatically save your energy costs.

Thermal Imaging

Leak Detection Gold Coast

Leak Detection

Early detection of water intrusion can minimise costly repairs in the future.

Leak Detection Gold Coast

Electrical Thermal Imaging

Electrical Equipment

Early detection of failing components, overloaded circuits and hot spots can avoid costly damage, loss of production and minimise potential fire risk.

Electrical Thermal Imaging

Who We Are

At InfraRed Thermographics Australia, we provide thermographic imaging and electrical thermal imaging services as well as leak detection. Gold Coast based, we are one of the thermal imaging companies in south-east Queensland and we use the latest thermal imaging cameras by FLIR.

Our Services

  • Energy Efficiency Surveys. Identifying missing insulation and air infiltration/exfiltration can dramatically reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Detection of water and moisture ingress. Early detection of moisture and water intrusion can minimise costly repairs in the future.
  • Electrical and Equipment Surveys. As part of a systematic preventative maintenance program, regular thermographic surveys of equipment and electrical systems can detect problems before they turn into costly failures, production downtime or dangerous electrical fires.

Thermographic Imaging Survey

We perform the survey at a time convenient to you and the optimum for thermal differences to be identified by the camera.

The survey is non-invasive and non-destructive. We do not need to cut into walls or cause other expensive damage to the property. We do not need to shut down equipment. Faults can be identified quickly without intruding on the object.

Thermal Imaging Report

We provide you with a report with digital and thermal images which will identify all problem areas.

We are also happy to consult with your trade professional of choice to help resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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